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Each core engineering member got more than 30 years industry experience in microwave related end equipment calibration, production and testing. We already win trust of global top contract manufacturer on antenna in module (AiM).

Our Service & Solutions

We got microwave design consulting service, including microwave antenna system design and turnkey solutions in satellite communication and 5G RRU applications.

Transforming Cancer Detect with Microwave Technology & AI

With AI data base of cancer cell, microwave biosensor can be used to detect various cancer cell in early stage. Save expensive LDCT request.

Microwave Consulting & Antenna Design

Microwave frequency band, especially millimeter wave frequency band, is common in satellite and 5G FR2 communication. Our millimeter wave antenna design is core value here is to support your system success.


Upcoming Events

5 MAY, 2022

RIS Antenna Launch

We will show our latest RIS antenna performance in Youtube video

01 JUN, 2022

Online Discussion

Our expert will share how to use our RIS antenna in various 5G FR2 environment

06 AUG, 2022

Microwve Biosensor & AI - The New Age

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